Air-Cleaning Blowers

Air-Cleaning BlowersTM clean air without the maintenance, expenses and variations in airflow and pressure caused by filters.

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Harsh Duty Industrial Air Conditioners

Air conditioners engineered specifically for harsh conditions in industrial and military applications: corrosive, dusty, hot (and cold), humid, marine, hazardous (explosive), and vibrating.

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Industrial Grade Bottled‐Water Coolers

Explosion-proof and other Industrial-grade bottled water coolers for corrosive, hazardous, hot and other harsh-conditions.

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Severe & Harsh Duty Industrial Air Conditioning & Ventilation for Extreme Environments

Aero Conditioner Company manufacturers its heavy-weight industrial, hazardous-duty (explosion-proof) air conditioners, air-cleaning blowers, and bottled water coolers to resist severe conditions, such as: corrosive, dusty, hot (and cold), high altitude, humid, vibrating and other extreme-pressure environments.