Overview of Air-Cleaning BlowersTM

The Self-Cleaning AERO FilterTM


The Air Filter-Blower That Separates Dirt from Air,
Using No Filter Media of any Kind.


Air Blowers that Remove Dust and Other Particles from the Air Without Filter Media or Canisters While Maintaining Constant Pressure and Airflow.

Why did Aero Conditioner Company Develop the Air-Cleaning BlowersTMBecause most people do not want to collect dust and other contaminants in the air.  They just want clean air.

Other Air Filters:

Filters with filter elements work specifically by blocking and collecting dirt and, as a result, they require continual monitoring and regular maintenance.  Other filtration devices use forces to spin the particles around and collect them.  Because these air filters only work if something blows air through them, they also require an additional blower or fan, and the airflow rate and air pressure vary as the filter elements clog.

Air-Cleaning BlowersTM

Aero Conditioner Company, LLC invented the Air-Cleaning BlowerTM specifically to combine two essential functions into one simple device:

1) Moving (blowing) air from one place to another 

2) Cleaning the air by removing dust and other particles without filter media.

ACC and its principals spent more than ten years developing the system.  Like all good inventions the products now look simple, but we went through many more-complicated versions before we optimized the design with a simple one.

Air-Cleaning BlowersTM work simply.  Like most blowers and fans, ACC Air-Cleaning BlowersTM have a wheel inside that pulls air—clean or dirty—into itself.  That wheel, in conjunction with the shape of the housing, moves the air in a special pattern that separates the dirt from the clean air.  The ACB's patented design leverages the momentum of the dirt particles along with the advancing and rotating air to fling them out of the housing along with a small amount of air to help carry them along.

Air-Cleaning BlowersTM install quickly and easily.  In the typical installation, they install similarly to—and about as easily as a new kitchen fan.

Air-Cleaning BlowersTM clean effectively.  They remove up to 99% of the mass of dust in the air, which includes virtually all particles larger than 10 microns and many as small as 4 microns or less.  So little dust passes through them that it could take months or years to collect enough dust to be visible—and even longer to become a blanket that could start to insulate a motor or cause a short-circuit in wiring.

Hence, ACBs alone clean the air sufficiently to keep most electrical and process equipment, offices and operator cabins clean enough to require no additional air cleaning.

Filters gradually clog over time and, consequently, slow the flow of air and reduce its pressure, both of which force the fans to work harder and consume more electricity to try to compensate. In contrast, ACBs maintain a virtually constant airflow and pressure and, therefore, experience little change in electrical consumption.  Thus, air-cleaning blowers make it easier to design and control the output and operation of the air system.

If extremely clean air is required, HEPA or other post filters can remove the small number of remaining particles.  In those cases, the air-cleaning blower will greatly extend the life of the post filters by removing most of the dirt before it reaches their expensive media.  The ACBs will provide the further benefit of supplying the airflow and pressure necessary to push the air through the post filters, thereby eliminating the need for an additional fan.

ACBs also prepare air for such applications as evaporative coolers, furnaces, and air compressors by removing dust without variations in air pressure, flow, or quality.