Style of System*

Cooling Load (Capacity)


Maximum Ambient Temperature

 F C

Altitude Above Sea Level

 Feet Meters

Operating Voltage Range-Volts

Phases 1 3

Operating Electrical Frequency

 50Hz 60Hz

Heater Requirements - KW

List Corrosive or Hazardous Materials in Environment
(Specify "None" if that is the case):

If Hazardous (Explosive) Location, Select System of Classification:

 NEC (US) CSA (Canada) ATEX (Europe) IECEx

NEC/CSA Hazardous (Explosive) Class:

 Non-hazardous Class I Class II Class III

NEC/CSA Hazardous (Explosive) Groups (Select all that apply):

 Non-hazardous Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G

IECEx/ATEX Hazardous (Explosive) Groups (Select all that apply):

 Group I Group IIA Group IIB Group IIB+Hydrogen Group IIC Group IIIA Group IIIB Group IIIC

Hazardous (Explosive) Division/Zone:

 Non-hazardous 0 1 2

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