Drinking Water - Bottled-Water Coolers

Applications/Users for Drinking Water- Division2/ Zone2 Bottled-Water Coolers

  • Airplane Hangers
  • Alcohol Extract Plants
  • Cement and Lime Plants
  • Chemical and Gas Plants
  • Coal and Coke Plants
  • Corn-Alcohol Refineries
  • Dry-Cleaners and Dyers
  • Explosives and Munitions Manufacturers
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Flour and Feed Mills
  • Fragrance and Extract Plants
  • Fuel Storage and Handlers
  • Grain Elevators
  • Guard Buildings
  • Hazardous-Goods Storage Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Land Fills
  • Recycling Plants
  • Mining
  • Munitions Handling and Storage
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Offshore Oil-Drilling Platforms
  • Oil Refineries
  • Painting and Solvents
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Refueling/Loading Facilities
  • Ships, Civilian and Military
  • Tankers
  • Textile Plants
  • Vehicle Air-Bag Makers
  • Soybean Processing Plant

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Bottled Water Dispensers for Division 2 / Zone 2 Hazardous Sites

ACC manufactures the first line of truly industrial bottled-water coolers. Made of 316 stainless steel, all are designed specifically for corrosive, dusty, hot, humid, and, when necessary, hazardous (explosive) locations.

These Are Standard Features, Not Options:

  • To resist corrosion and damage, all cabinets made with 18-gauge stainless-steel (type 316) with an alternative polished finish
  • Anti-corrosion coating baked onto all condensers and tubing
  • Full rated cooling capacity up to 131°F (55°C) — not just up to the normal 95°F (35°C) — without modification or electronic controls
  • Mechanical controls only — eliminates vulnerability of electronics and their high cost to repair
  • All controls protected in NEMA 4 (IP65) or NEMA 4/7/9 enclosure. All complete units also meet the NEMA 4 or NEMA 4/7/9 standards
  • Units have extra-large condensers to provide cooling at high altitudes and at high ambient temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant valve for filling cups from an extra-large reserve of cold water
  • Energy efficient at high ambient temperatures and under other harsh conditions, as well as at temperatures below 95°F (35°C)
  • Accepts all standard-sized bottles
  • Maintenance facilitated by refrigerant access valves and filter-dryer
  • ADA compliant handicap-small
  • 115/60/1 or 220-240/50-60/1
  • All units made in the USA  Cage Code 7DQF4

Hazardous (Explosive) Locations:

When specified, ACC makes units suitable for hazardous-duty (“explosion-proof” or “flame-proof”) conditions.

We use UL-recognized hazardous-duty compressors appropriate for the classification of the area.

ACC seals the coolers in the factory for fast and easy installation, and they retain the same corrosion resistance and other harsh-duty features as ACC's standard coolers.


Cabinet: All corrosion-resistant stainless steel type-316, inside and outside including interior shelves, mountings and drip basin. Satin finish on all exterior surfaces for an attractive and easily-cleaned lustrous appearance. Bottle-support ring made of durable and corrosion-resistant polypropylene.

Controls: Protected from environment by installation inside NEMA 4 (IP65) or NEMA 4/7/9 enclosure.

Valves: Self-closing, no-drip. Made from durable and corrosion-resistant polypropylene.

Cold Water Reservoir: Flat-bottom stainless steel basin with approximately 2-1/2 quarts (2.4 liters) useable capacity and polypropylene fittings. Corrosion-protected copper evaporator coil is wrapped around reservoir, insulated with closed-cell elastomer.

Corrosion Protection: Capillary tube, filter-dryer, two access valves and all other metal tubing protected with either a special epoxy coating (e-coat) with near-zero porosity applied electrostatically and baked or with special enamel paint to protect them from acidic and caustic corrosion.

Condenser: Three rows deep, sized for high ambient temperatures and high altitudes, and protected against acidic and other corrosion with a special epoxy coating (e-coat) with near-zero porosity applied electrostatically and baked.

Compressor: Andover Protection Systems’ Model EEG (for 115/60/1) or APS Model EEJ (220-240/50-60/1). These compressors are specifically designed for and recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for use in hazardous (“explosive”) areas, even those requiring explosion-proof or flameproof equipment.

Rated Capacity - At water and air temperature of 131° F (55°C) — lower 1/2 gallon per hour of water from 131°F (55°C) to 50°F (10°C) — Note: 131°F water will scald skin; therefore, chiller must lower the water
Capacity at ARI standard conditions - At water and air temperature of 90°F (32.2°C)—lower 0.9 gallons per hour of water from 90°F (32.2°C) to 50°F (10°C) — (produce 50% more cold water than standard units). A.D.A.: Overall, the coolers comply with the requirements of the ADA specification 4.15.2-4  handicap-small

Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 73 lbs. and 8.6 cubic feet.