Air Conditioner Options

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  • 208-230/60/1

Standard Options:

  • 220-240/50/1 and 265-277/60/1
  • 200-220/50/1
  • 208-240/60/3
  • 220-240/50/3
  • 460/60/3
  • 380-440/50/3

Special Options:

  • 575/60/3
  • 254/60/1

Others upon request.

Note About 50Hz: In most cases, ACC can modify the equipment sufficiently to recover the capacity lost by running units on 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz.

Additional Options

  • Heat:  Our standard units do not come with heat.  However, due to our customized manufacturing nature, ACC offers the option of 2.5KW up to 10KW of heat provided by internal corrosion-resistant incoloy tubular elements (not light-weight wires) rated T4 for hazardous environments.
  • Humidistat:  If the air conditioner incorporates the option of electrical-resistance heat, it can also include a humidistat to help control the humidity in the conditioned space. Since the humidity is removed by condensing it onto the evaporator, the purpose of the heat is to force the air conditioner to keep operating without lowering the temperature of the conditioned space, and the humidistat can force both the heat and the air conditioning to operate simultaneously to continue drying the space while maintaining the air temperature at the set point.
  • Vibration:  If the air conditioners are to be mounted on moving and/or vibrating equipment or ones that will be transported repeatedly, ACC can adapt the design to enable them to withstand the movements and vibration of the host equipment.
  • Fewer Fins per Inch in the Condenser and/or Evaporator:  ACC’s standard design utilizes condensers with no more than ten (10) heavy-weight fins per inch (FPI) and evaporators with ten or fewer fins per inch (10FPI), which resists dust and dirt build-up on the coils.  However, we can provide coils with even lower fin densities, if necessary.
  • Lifting Hooks:  All models can have lifting hooks.
  • Multiple Configurations:  In addition to the more typical Wall or Window units, ACC also makes ductless-Split, Mobile ("spot"), Roof mount, container (interior), and Vertical (wall-mount) air conditioners with the same heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant futures in capacities of up to 60,000 BTUH when rated at 131°F(55°C) or 110°F(43°C).
  • Stainless steel type While type 304L is standard, we also offer type 316L as a small upgrade for more corrosive environments, such as salt water or with chlorine in the air.
  • Paint: We normally do not paint the cabinets of these units because we make them entirely of stainless steel.  However, we can paint the exteriors as an option.