About Aero Conditioner Company LLC

Our Mission

To help our customers keep their critical operations going under harsh environmental conditions by finding and studying their needs and then designing and building products to fill those needs.

Aero Conditioner Company specializes in the manufacture of standardized heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and related products designed to cool and heat, filter and dehumidify the air in hot, corrosive, dusty, hazardous (explosive), and other harsh industrial, marine and military environments.

By making standardized products, Aero Conditioner Company can combat two of the biggest problems of conditioning harsh ambients: the costs of making special products and the delays in their manufacture.

Aero Conditioner Company has incorporated into all its air-conditioning products all the features required to handle tough environments without additional modifications. The big advantages of this standardization are that it enables Aero Conditioner Company to produce and, therefore, price its goods less expensively and ship more quickly than those who make short-run, specially-made severe-duty units