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Explosion Proof Air Conditioners

All Aero Conditioner A/C units are built dust- and corrosion-resistant and can be built as explosion proof as well.

Most manufacturers of industrial HVAC equipment make air-conditioning and ventilation products for light industrial or milder conditions. As a result, when customers need equipment for tougher, more severe conditions, they must order specially-made products or have existing products modified, often by third parties, which invalidate the original warranty.

Aero Conditioner's standard design for an air conditioning unit is for a severe duty environment, with upgrades available to have it built for the harshest environments on earth.  And because we have standardized designs for each level of hazardous classification, we are able to make our units with scale and therefore offer value as well as a high-performance unit, able to handle harsh hot, corrosive, dusty, hazardous, humid, isolated or vibrating applications.

Our Explosion Proof air conditioners are built with special components, including direct drive motors, aluminum blower wheels (to prevent static electricity build-up), industrial cable glands to seal joints from any arcing or sources of sparks, and cast aluminum NEMA 7 boxes.  To learn more please click on our Explosion Proof Air Conditioner page here that provides more details.

All ACC products are made in the U.S.A.

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All Aero Conditioner Company products retain their harsh-duty characteristics when modified for hazardous (“explosion-proof”) environments. Click here.

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