Green Features of Aero Conditioner Company's Equipment

I. Since  Aero Conditioner Company designed all its current products to function optimally in high-ambient and high-altitude conditions, they are overbuilt for less demanding conditions. As a result, under the official conditions under which the industry and government determine energy-efficiency, Aero Conditioner Company's units produce more cooling while consuming less energy than many standard products classified as energy-efficient.

II. In the harsh conditions for which customers buy our products, and outside the ideal conditions of a test lab,  Aero Conditioner Company's units are much more efficient over time. Therefore, they have far less negative environmental impact in the long run than standard equipment. In fact, Aero Conditioner Company's  standard lines of air conditioners and bottled-water coolers may be the most energy efficient on the market when used in harsh environments.

III. We use only environmentally friendly, approved refrigerants. We continue to experiment with and, when possible, convert to more effective and environmentally-friendly types.

IV. Aero Conditioner Company's  has converted to special blower wheels to further increase the energy efficiency of our air conditioners and other products and to reduce the noise pollution they generate.

V. We use state-of-the-art, but relatively expensive, scroll-type compressors because they run more efficiently, tolerate tougher conditions, and last longer than the types generally used in standard units.

VI. Customers usually buy  Aero Conditioner Company's air conditioners for cooling equipment, controls and product — not normally for comfort cooling. Since many of these items merely need protection from overheating rather than temperatures that would make people comfortable, Aero Conditioner Company thermostats can be set to high room temperatures — over 100°F.

VII. Aero Conditioner Company  installs corrosion-resistant incoloy heating elements to allow units to maintain efficiency in heating mode over extended periods and in corrosive environments.

VIII. Aero Conditioner Company maximizes use of components that are either inherently corrosion resistant, such as stainless steel, or protected by water-based coatings, such as the condenser and evaporators.  Aero Conditioner Company uses few paints or other solvents that can evaporate and damage the environment.

IX. Aero Conditioner Company generally uses cleanable or self-cleaning, rather than disposable, filter elements to minimize refuse.

X. Aero Conditioner Company uses computerized production techniques and equipment to optimize the use of materials such as sheet metal and thereby minimize waste.

XI. We have a conscious policy to utilize natural and other biodegradable packaging materials.

XII. We use waste heat to generate many of the heat loads necessary to calibrate and test our products.