High-End Appliances

  • Luxury Residential Kitchens
  • Yachts
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Cabanas
  • Marinas

Aero Conditioner Company offers distributors of high-end appliances the opportunity to supply stainless-steel air conditioners to owners and decorators of commercial and residential kitchens, yachts, marinas, and others who want the look and/or quality of stainless steel air conditioners.

We design all Aero Conditioner Company products for extreme environments. As a result, all Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners have the highest quality all-stainless-steel cabinets (316L).

The units themselves offer numerous advantages over other air conditioners used in high-end installations. Besides top-grade stainless-steel cabinets, they have extensive corrosion coating and other protection throughout, which will assure a long life in marine, desert and other harsh conditions. The condensers and evaporators have widely-spaced fins so that they will not clog up in dusty or sandy areas. We rate their capacities at 131°F (55°C), not just at the standard 95°F (35°C), to assure that they will maintain their full cooling power on the hottest days.

Also important, our patented control system assures that the units will also cool in low-ambient conditions. Therefore, if your customer turns them on in the winter, the air conditioner will actually cool the room, not just move the air around.

An attractive feature is how “green” the units operate. The manufacturers of most air conditioners optimize their units for operation in a clean test laboratory at 95°F (35°C); since we design Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners for far higher temperatures, they stay green on very hot days, on dusty days, and even after years in the corrosive, humid, salt air of marine installations. To make them greener, we even design the louvers on the front grille so that they pull in room air from the side away from the cool-air discharge to avoid “looping” of the cooled air directly back into the air conditioner.

Finally — the look: Aero Conditioner Company uses only virgin, beautiful solid stainless steel. We never use thin laminates over rust-prone mild steel. Our units exude beauty from within. No scratch ever rusts or even appears to be a different color in the groove. They also have a far more solid feel, as well as look, than other “stainless steel” appliances, because unlike others, Aero Conditioner Company’s are built with solid heavy-weight sheets of metal reinforced to last and last in a beautiful home or an industrial kitchen.

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