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When your unit is deployed overseas, you can’t let heat or sand or lack of spare parts stop you from completing your mission, operating electronic communications — or getting some sleep. Aero Conditioner Company makes air conditioners specifically for the toughest environmental conditions. Our main business is designing and building industrial air conditioners specifically to withstand the heat, dust and corrosion of steel plants and other harsh industrial facilities. As a result, we actually overbuild for the desert.

I. Tough in Hot Sandy Conditions

The fins do not clog up with sand because they are spaced far apart so that dust and other particles blow through.

Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners handle the hottest desert days because we rate their capacities at 131°F (55°C), not the normal rating temperatures of 95°F (35°C) used by most manufacturers.

All motors and compressors are totally sealed to keep out sand and dust.

We protect all controls against dust and water inside sealed electric boxes.

II. Easy Maintenance and Repairs Without Special Spare Parts

Aero Conditioner Company makes a special effort to design its products with as few proprietary parts as possible so that the user can obtain replacements — or adequate substitutes — locally. Therefore, we eliminate electronic parts not just to minimize vulnerability to electrical problems, but also to assure that you can easily and quickly repair the units and to make temporary repairs in the field without spare parts.

Using only mechanical controls also helps eliminate the need for specially-trained technicians to service our equipment.

Aero Conditioner Company purposely makes its air conditioners easy to take care of — even in isolated places with few spare parts and no handy owner's manuals. Aero Conditioner Company builds many units for dusty mines isolated in high mountains or hot deserts and for offshore drilling rigs far from shoreHence, our equipment must be easy to fix with limited supplies.

We specifically choose components so that users can obtain replacement parts, or adequate substitutes, from local electrical and industrial distributors almost anywhere in the world. More importantly, you can make temporary repairs of most problems — particularly the electrical controls (none are electronic) without any special tools or training. For instance, because the switches are mechanical you can easily replace them in an emergency; a regular light switch could suffice temporarily.

Durable Machinery Company, LLC builds its equipment from scratch in the United States (in the former Brooklyn Navy Yard) specifically for tough, harsh applications — we do not modify anybody else's products — we make them for your tough conditions!

III. Durabilily

Because Aero Conditioner Company makes its air conditioners for extreme applications, we use over-sized and heavy-duty components that last longer than those of ordinary commercial and residential air conditioners.

IV. Cooling in Sun on Cool and Cold Days

Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners will also cool on days when outdoor temperatures are low but the sun beating down makes it hot inside. Aero Conditioner Company’s patented design assures that air conditioners will maintain their full cooling capacities at lower temperatures without fan speed or other active controls, even at low ambient temperatures when other air conditioners stop cooling.

Since Aero Conditioner Company designs its units specifically for durability and operations under extreme conditions, they retain their energy efficiency under such conditions. Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners are the “greenest” under harsh conditions.

Reminder about “Explosion-Proofing”

Even when Aero Conditioner Company adapts its units for flammable and explosive environments, they retain all their other harsh-duty advantages and durability. Therefore, they afford a far better return on investment than do residential or commercial units modified for hazardous locations. In addition, Aero Conditioner Company makes a special priority the development and production of robust Division/Zone 1 air conditioners, with and without heat.

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