Public Tunnels, Mass Transit, Sewage and Water Treatment

  • Tunnels — Motor Vehicle
  • Solid-Waste Disposal (Dumps and Tips)
  • Bus-Repair Facilities
  • Train Maintenance Sheds
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Toll Booths
  • Sewage Plants
  • Water Treatment and Purification Plants

Municipalities and other governmental authorities must provide services within many kinds of harsh environments — corrosive, dusty, hot, cold, noisy, and even hazardous (explosive or flammable). If you must cool, heat or ventilate under any or all of these conditions, Aero Conditioner Company can help you!

Aero Conditioner Company designs and builds air conditioners specifically to handle each of these tough conditions individually — or all together! Standard 316L stainless-steel cabinets, corrosion protection on all evaporators and condensers, and incoloy tubular heating elements resist a huge variety of harsh agents. Its condensers and evaporators do not clog with dust or sand and they cool in ambient temperatures from 131°F (55°C) down to either 32°F (0°C) or -40°C/F as you specify — and without any sensitive or hard-to-find electronic controls.

I. Motor Vehicle Tunnels confine the heat and corrosive exhaust gases of trucks and automobiles. Aero Conditioner Company specializes in air conditioners and ventilation systems to resist both. Toll booths and ferry terminals encounter similar problems.

II. Control Rooms for Underground Mass Transit Systems must endure high (and sometimes cold) ambient temperatures and metal dusts while operating sophisticated electronic control equipment. Aero Conditioner Company equipment handles extremes of temperature as well as the dust, even if the dust is present in quantities great enough to constitute an explosion hazard.

III. Solid Waste Disposal, Recycling and Water Treatment Facilitiesconstantly confront corrosion and the risk of hazards such as explosive materials or gases in refuse they process. Durable Machinery’s equipment protects against such risks because it is designed to handle many kinds of corrosion, dusts, and explosion and flame hazards.

Since Aero Conditioner Company designs its units specifically for durability and operations under extreme conditions, they retain their energy efficiency under such conditions. Aero Conditioner Company air conditioners are the “greenest” under harsh conditions.

Reminder about “Explosion-Proofing”: Even when Aero Conditioner Company adapts its units for flammable and explosive environments, they retain all their other harsh-duty advantages and durability. Therefore, they afford a far better return on investment than do residential or commercial units modified for hazardous locations. In addition, Aero Conditioner Company makes a special priority the development and production of robust Division/Zone 1 air conditioners, with and without heat.

Cage Code: 7DQF4

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